Rental Mud Coolers

Color Ocean Energy Limited, Malaysia provides Mud Cooler (Drilling Fluid Temperature Control System) on rental basis for onshore and offshore rigs. Company provides experienced engineers with each mud cooler for smooth and trouble free operation.

  • Mud Cooler model Bluefin has been designed to provide a safe and efficient process for cooling drilling fluids on high pressure / high temperature well (HTHP) sites for water based and oil based mud.
  • Units can operate in parallel or series to suit drilling mud circulation rates and temperature drop requirements.
  • Condition monitoring by pressure gauges and mechanical thermometers of all flow streams
  • Rugged skid mount and frame, certified for offshore lift (SGS Gp - Societe Generale de Surveillance)
  • Large plate cavity to prevent clogging
  • Simple site operation and easy on-site installation through quick release hose connection
  • All fabrication are as per PED standards
  • All skid are to DNV 2-7.1 standard for offshore application
  • Compact design allows for ease of transport by truck, or by container and minimizes required deck space for installation

  • Lowering of flash point for site safety when using oil based fluids
  • Greater accuracy with “downhole” measurement when using MWD devices
  • MWD and logging tools can go to a greater depth and with increased endurance due to reduced thermal stresses
  • Reduced usage of additives and increased life of elastomers
  • Reduced long term maintenance cost
Rental Mud Cooler