Automated Mud CLeaning Products

Ultra Mud Vacuum (U.M.V)

U.M.V. is a device designed to remove all types of mud and liquid with an extreme high vacuum. The device is entirely pneumatic and constructed according to principles that confer great robustness. U.M.V. is ideal user in extreme conditions such as those present on the rig floor or down in the substructures of petroleum drilling rigs.

Being a versatile device it can be used in shore based facilities for the transfer of a liquid from a container to a tank or for the cleaning of any surface.

Rig Floor Vacuum Cleaning (Patented)

Rig Floor Vacuum Cleaning system sucks away spilt drilling fluids including the bothersome Oil Based OBM Mud. The use of a system that substantially reduces the quantity of mud on the rig floor helps to reduce the risk of personnel slipping and of inhaling harmful vapours released into the air by the mud. Since the mud returns to the tanks through closed sealed lines less dispersion of mud and better containment of pollution are foreseen with a consequent economic return and better conservation of the quality of the mud.

Hand Operated Mud Recovery Bucket

Operated manually and pneumatically suitable for drill pipe connections from 2 3/8" To 7".

Pneumatic Mud Bucket (Patented)

The Mud Recovery Bucket is used to contain the violent outflow of mud when the drill pipe is disconnected during extraction of pipes in petroleum drilling operations as a protective measure for personnel and for controlled recovery of the mud.

Mud Bucket with recovery system connected to suction pump

The use of a mud bucket with a closing system that does not require chains which is safer for the operating personnel.

The use of a suction system at the outlet of the mud bucket for fast recovery of the mud released by the detached pipes.

A closed pipeline for returning the mud recovered from the mud bucket to the tanks.

High Pressure Wash Unit

Pneumatically operated High Pressure Wash Unit can be used with hot or cold water up to 80°C making the unit ideal for even the toughest of cleaning operation in hazardous environment. It is designed for high pressure cleaning in areas where inflammable gases & liquid exists. The heavy duty high pressure cleaners are used for cleaning Shaker Screens, removing dirt, salt, rust deposits on rig floor, paint & graffiti off walls, oil & grease off engines in offshore environments. Its high flow rate reduces the time taken to complete cleaning tasks, saving on labour costs.